Custom Machinery Manufacturing

We undertake the manufacturing and implementation of machines to individual specification, from simple machines to automated equipment performing complex tasks. Full service! We help with everything from request assessment to planning. Our company gives full warranty and maintenance for all machines sold. Our engineers will help you build the most fitting technology for your needs with full expertise. Our designers work with the highest quality software.

EMC Global PLC. 

Custom laser engraving machines:

5 Axis CNC Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine

The 5-axis solution we manufacture provides unlimited possibilities in terms of the size and shape of the part to be worked upon.
A megmunkálóközponton a lézer fejegység X, Y, Z tengelyek mentén és A és B tengelyek körül forog, a munkadarab bármilyen irányból történő megközelítésekor. At the execution center, the laser head unit rotates along the X, Y, Z axes and around the A and B axes as the workpiece is approached from any direction.

Model number: 5X-FL-1K
Laser: 1 kW fiber
Number of machining directions: 5

Operating area: 1 × 1 × 1 m
Accuracy: 0.002 mm
Operating voltage: 3 × 400 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption: 10 kW

The device is equipped with a closed cover and a viewing window. We provide custom control software to the 5-axis control, which can be operated independently on the machine and from a LAN network.


3000x2000 LASER CO2 Machine Complete

Uniquely designed and manufactured laser machine with automatic conveyor, vacuum clamping for tailoring, custom target software.

Perfect for cutting (various types of sheet materials, flat elements of plywood, felt, prototypes, etc.).


It works on materials such as: plastics, wood, glass, acrylic, plexiglass, leather, eco leather, sheet metal, cork, paper, cardboard, rubber, silicone, felt and more.

When you purchase the device, we provide training for the usage of the plotter and the possibility of testing on our own material.


300x300x300 Size 5 Axis Laser Machine

For machining and engraving of metal materials, cutting, tool making.

Completely custom developed and manufactured 5-axis laser machining center with 5-axis real-time CNC controller, computer, 5-axis

With CAD-CAM software.


3000x2000 LASER 130/160 W CO2 + 100W

3000 x 2000 mm operating area

150W co2

Maximum cutting thickness 20mm Acrylic

Recommended maximum cutting thickness 12mm acrylic

Laser source Glass tube filled with water-cooled CO2 gas

Motorized table height adjustment, Z axis (table height) adjustment

Red dot pointer system for easy and fast job listing

Lattice, non-reflective aluminum rod bed to support a wide range of materials and weights (honeycomb bed on request)

High quality optics ensure high accuracy, reliability and long life

Air assistant to control heat and disperse smoke and debris around the cutting nozzle

Water flow switch that provides protection against cooling system failure

The ventilation openings of the Louvred cabinet ensure maximum safety of the cabinet

The safety switch prevents the machine from operating with the lid open

Accuracy <0.01 mm

Operating systems support Windows XP, 7, 8, 10

Minimum character size 1.5 mm x 1.5 mm

Power supply 220V (or 110V) +/- 10% 50Hz (or 60Hz)


Liyu Industrial Large Format Printers

We offer a truly professional family of printers that provide an excellent solution for industrial production. It means they deliver consistent performance and quality even in 7/24 operating intervals.

This is due to the latest generation Konica-Minolta 1024i printheads and the highly efficient UV drying system. The printer, which is also suitable for glass printing, uses the High Power Integration Lamp System, which is a patent of the English Integration Technology Limited (ITL). This allows for perfect, fast drying, making the printed surface durable and high quality.

The use of UV ink does not release any harmful substances and thanks to the technology, the printed surfaces are resistant to temperature fluctuations, UV radiation and other environmental damage.

Print head: Konica-Minolta 1024i
Number of printheads: 5 CMYK + W
Droplet size: 13pL
Ink type: UV LED
Drying: UV LED
Print size: 050 mm x 2050 mm
Printing height: 100 mm
Resolution: 880 dpi
Print speed: 30 m2 / h
RIP software: PhotoPrint
Machine size: 3000 mm x 5800 mm x 1530 mm
Weight: 2500 Kg


IEcho Cutting Systems

IEcho's high-precision digital cutting systems are capable of high-speed, high-precision cutting, milling, punching, creasing and marking functions. The cutting systems are suitable for pattern production, but also for production line production in the fields of advertising and decoration production, printing industry and the packaging and textile industry. A true champion of material cutting!

Efficient cutting heads:

The maximum cutting speed is 1 m / s (4-6 times faster than manual cutting), which significantly increases production efficiency.

Precise automatic positioning system

With the high-precision CCD camera, precise positioning and registration cutting can be achieved on various materials. It can solve the problems of manual positioning deviations and print distortion.

iEcho motion control system

It allows for a smooth, efficient and perfect cutting process

Security tool

A safety device ensures the safety of the operator.

iEcho automatic knife initialization

Control the depth of cut with the infrared sensor with automatic knife initialization.

iEcho continuous cutting system

The intelligent conveying system is capable of collaborative work in conveying, cutting and collecting material.

The continuous cutting function makes it easier to machine long pieces, saving labor costs and visibly increasing productivity.



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