As of late, EMC Global has engaged in wholesale food manufacturing through various subsidiaries. We guarantee quality products and competitive prices.

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In this decade, the need for sustainable, yet efficient food production has never been higher. The gap between product-, and consumer segments is widening by the year, as high-quality foodstuffs and ingredients transition from being a mere commodity, and daily part and parcel of life to essentially luxury retail items. On the other hand, large volume food production, and mass produced goods have deteriorated in quality and nutritional value, as manufacturers introduce lower standards across the board.

It is for this reason, that EMC Global has decided to engage in this sector, to be able to provide the region, and the international market with quality flatbread products sourced from sustainable and nutritionally wholesome local raw materials, produced with cutting-edge industry technology for a superior customer experience.

The main product is set to be the standard wheat flour base tortilla bread, with a wholegrain and buckwheat option to fill the needs of an even more health-oriented consumer-base, and possible smaller, organic-centered operations.

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