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EMC Global – A business built on trust! 


We’re here to provide global trading solutions

As of now EMC Global has offices in Hungary, USA and Vietnam. We are active in pharmaceutical wholesaling and wholesale of medical devices/equipment, software development for private/public sector and epidemiological management for governments, trade of essential goods and energy carriers, and plan to widen our range to keep up with any sudden change in world trades.


We offer a wide range of trade solutions ranging from machinery and timber to almost all items in the energy carriers and essential goods market.

Due to the extremely dynamic macroeconomic situation in the energy raw materials industry, we have focused on the needs of the European professional power industry. We have built trustworthy trade-relations with many European and EU member governments, and energy providers who count on us to provide them with short-notice essential energy, such as coal, mineral oils, EN590 or natural gas.

Essential goods and grains were added to our portfolio, as another area affected by recent events, and climate change factors.


At EMC Global, we specialize in providing revolutionary IT and security printing solutions for government printing houses and organizations. We are committed to innovation and reliability, serving as reliable partners for secure identification and efficient administration.

Supplying licenses and identity cards to government printing houses, ensuring secure identification for millions.


Be it precision engraving, printing, or heavy-duty equipment, EMC is just one enquiry away from solving your manufacturing & machinery nees.

In 2021, we expanded our portfolio in the field of custom machinery manufacturing as well as machinery imports and exports. As a proof of our dynamic growth, our first year turnover nearly tripled.

We have also set up a separate division for the procurement of products that are in short supply in our  ever-changing commercial environment.

Thus, the procurement and distribution of goods like timber and containers, were added to our commercial portfolio.


Explore our COVID-19 preventative solutions and feel free to enquire about import and export services on niche and shortage medication.

EMC Global is not just a company, but a bridge that enables our customers to obtain any medication they need, whether it is a simple pill or a specific therapeutic drug.

By providing instant access to resources across Europe, we create opportunities that help improve healthcare and healing worldwide.

EMC Pharma


EMC Globals is currently expanding its production capabilities with the finalization of a large-scale tortilla production facility and a medium-scale production facility. EMC Globals is constructing a state-of-the-art facility on a 37,105 m² plot, generating 46 jobs in an underdeveloped region. With a production capacity of over 5,000,000 units per year, this facility represents a significant leap in meeting market demands while fostering economic growth through employment opportunities.





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EMC Global in Numbers

In today's dynamic business environment, diversification is essential for long-term growth and flexibility.

While our activities in the pharmaceuticals, IT solutions, and security printing fields have been strong, we are currently exploring project investments to seize emerging opportunities, thus covering market fluctuations and staying ahead of industry changes.

This strategic move reflects our commitment to innovation and sustainable value creation for our investors, positioning us as a dynamic and forward-thinking company.

These results reflect EMC Global's tenacious business strategy and effective financial management, which have enabled us to achieve stable growth and sound financial ratios.

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