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Our history

EMC Global Zrt. is a Hungary-based company having offices in Hungary, USA and Vietnam. The company is specialized, among other industries in the trade of pharmaceuticals, essential goods and IT security printing.

We are constantly looking into securing project financing for various sectors.


Founded in 2018, EMC Global’s main profile was focused on bank and plastic cards production and IT solutions. Thanks to our extensive network, our Budapest-based company quickly became known on the international market. 

COVID - 19 IN 2020

At the beginning of 2020, we expanded our profile and are now present not only in Europe, but also as a Hungarian and regional representative of companies in the Far East. In line with the challenges of 2020, we got involved in one of the most effective coronavirus containment activities, importing quality rapid tests from the South Korean medical device manufacturer GenBody. Our company is proud to be the exclusive partner of GenBody in Hungary and Romania. 



The advantages of digital cash payment platforms in the case of remittances include:

1. Cost Savings:

• Digital cash payment platforms typically offer affordable and lower transaction fees and competitive exchange rates compared to traditional remittance channels. The reduced costs make remittance amounts received by families more significant, maximizing the impact of Overseas Filipino Workers' (OFWs) income.

2. Increased Security:

• Digital cash payment platforms employ robust security measures to protect personal and financial data during transactions. Advanced encryption, multi-factor authentication, and secure networks help ensure secure transfers, reducing the risk of fraud or unauthorized access to funds.

3. User-Friendly Experience:

• These platforms are designed with the user experience in mind, making them easy to understand and navigate. Simple interfaces, intuitive features, and multilingual options cater to the various needs of OFWs, regardless of their technological proficiency.

Our IT solutions and our presence in South-East Asia, our company has successfully reached the market in the Philippines. Among these, we would like to highlight our digital payment platform, which we named "1Cash."



Our Offices


In 2021, we expanded our portfolio in the field of custom machinery manufacturing as well as machinery imports and exports. As a proof of our dynamic growth, our first year turnover nearly tripled. In the summer of 2021, we obtained our pharmaceutical broker and pharmaceutical distributor licenses. We have also set up a separate division for the procurement of products that are in short supply in our  ever-changing commercial environment. Thus, the procurement and distribution of goods like timber and containers, were added to our commercial portfolio.


Given the highly dynamic macroeconomic landscape within the energy raw materials sector, our primary focus lies in catering to the requirements of the European professional power industry. We have established dependable trade relationships with various European and EU member governments, as well as energy providers who rely on us for the prompt supply of critical energy resources, including coal, mineral oils, EN590, and natural gas.

In response to recent events and the influence of climate change factors, we have expanded our portfolio to include essential goods and grains. This strategic move positions us to address the challenges in this evolving landscape and diversify our offerings accordingly.

1. Key Objective:

  • Establish a fuel storage facility at the PNOC Industrial Complex to expand the regional energy infrastructure and supply chain.

  • Supply chain difficulties often result in longer delivery times and disruptions, impacting the availability of products. Additionally, expensive maritime storage comes with high warehouse costs, influencing the product's cost and final consumer price. These challenges often affect the efficiency, competitiveness, and profitability of businesses.

  • Establishing a fuel storage facility is a strong move to create a kind of monopoly due to the competitive advantage provided by storage capacity.

  • 2. Strategic Benefits:

  •  Outstanding location with efficient port access for tanker vessels. • Reliable and timely fuel delivery capabilities.

  • 3. Potential Returns:

    • Integration into meeting the growing energy demand in the region. • Contribution to the growth of the PNOC Industrial Complex.

    4. Why Invest?

    • Unique opportunity to shape the future of energy supply.
    • Opportunity to join an experienced state-owned company operating for 50 years.

Establishing a fuel storage facility at the PNOC Industrial Complex in the Philippines aims to bolster regional energy infrastructure and mitigate supply chain challenges. This strategic move promises efficient port access for tanker vessels, ensuring reliable fuel delivery. 

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