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EMC Production

EMC Production

Tortilla  production factory

EMC Globals is currently expanding its production capabilities with the finalization of a large-scale tortilla production facility and a medium-scale production facility. 

EMC Globals is constructing a state-of-the-art facility on a 37,105 m² plot, generating 46 jobs in an underdeveloped region, with a total investment 21,837,368.- EUR.


With a production capacity of over 5,000,000 units per year, this facility represents a significant leap in meeting market demands while fostering economic growth through employment opportunities.

A Brand-New Facility for Economic Development

In an underdeveloped region, a cutting-edge facility is set to rise on a sprawling 37,105 m2 parcel of land.

This ambitious project not only promises innovation but also strives to make a tangible impact on the local community by generating 46 job opportunities.

With a robust production capacity exceeding 5,000,000 units per year, this new facility is poised to become a beacon of economic growth and opportunity in the region.

EMC Production


EMC Globals is planning the establishment of a cutting-edge pharmaceutical facility dedicated to the production of Large Volume Parenteral (LVP) infusion solutions, utilizing Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) technology. This facility is meticulously designed to adhere to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and meet the stringent standards set by major regulatory bodies including the USFDA and EUGMP.

Key Features:

- Cutting-edge IV LVP (FFS) production facility.
- Designed to comply with cGMP standards and major regulatory requirements (USFDA & EUGMP).
- IV LVP (FFS) Production Line: 4,200 bags/hour  500ml, meeting cGMP requirements and major regulatory specifications.

Market Dynamics:

-  solutions are in high demand worldwide, driven by factors such as an aging population, increasing demand for healthcare infrastructure, and the need for quality care.
- Growing global demand is fueled by expanding healthcare infrastructure, rising patient populations, the prevalence of chronic diseases, and medical advancements.
- This venture presents an exceptional investment opportunity in the pharmaceutical sector.

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