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At EMC Global, we specialize in providing revolutionary IT and security printing solutions for government printing houses and organizations.

We are committed to innovation and reliability, serving as reliable partners for secure identification and efficient administration.

Main services:

  • Government Printing Partnerships: Supplying licenses and identity cards to government printing houses, ensuring secure identification for millions.

  • Government Organizations and Agencies: Offering seamless solutions for secure document management and identification processes for various government bodies and agencies.

  • HELIOS Database Management: Introducing HELIOS, our advanced software for recording COVID test results, contributing to public health initiatives with accurate and efficient data management.

Innovative IT Solutions:

  • Administrative Software: Enabling secure digital identification for the Hungarian public administration, simplifying the signing of official documents, banking transactions, and much more.

  • Urban and Municipal Management: Making municipal operations more efficient with solutions in asset management, tax handling, organization of meetings, optimization of utility networks, and building permit processes.

  • Smart Home Technology: Revolutionizing the home environment with our central IT system, allowing users to optimize electrical networks for energy efficiency and intelligent quality of life.

Why Choose Us:

Innovation is in Our Blood: We continually innovate to meet the changing needs of modern societies, ensuring that our partners always stay ahead in a dynamic world.

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